We raise the bar for well-being at work
We create positive, sustainable change for people and for companies with a proven Methodology that reduces stress.

When the majority of the workforce experiences unhealthy levels of stress on a daily basis, it’s time to challenge the status quo.

We know there’s a better way to work—that health, happiness, and work-life balance are available to everyone. We know that the success of a company reflects the well-being of its people.

We’re here to make well-being the new normal in the workplace.

We lead by example
Our mission starts with us. We’re not just a place where people work—we’re a place where people feel seen, valued, and inspired to contribute to a shared purpose in a high-performance, low-stress environment. We practice our Methodology as a company so we can all feel and work our best.
We stand by our results

“Our team uses this work every day, multiple times a day.”

“Stress is no longer something I suffer from, it’s something I manage. My relationships with colleagues and clients have improved and I’m more present and engaged at work.”
– Socialfly, Stress Reset Client
Trusted by companies that care
Let’s reset your company’s stress.