The Stress Reset Methodology
Managing stress has never been easier.

Downshift your stress in minutes, anytime, anywhere

As easy as 1-2-3
3 proven steps
With our Methodology, that’s all it takes to shift your nervous system out of the stress response and into an enhanced state of well-being. Our 3 signature steps are infused with leading-edge insights from the fields of neuroscience and psychology. Easy to practice—whether at work, at home, by yourself, or with others—they make well-being accessible for everyone, anywhere.
Empowering success
Built for performance
Stressed employees are 19% less productive than their peers and significantly more likely to make costly mistakes. Our Methodology powers up the brain areas that drive productivity, enabling employees to work with sharper focus, enhanced critical thinking, and bolder creativity.
Bringing people together
Collaboration at its best
Today’s employees spend just 14% of their workweek communicating and collaborating internally.

We remove the barriers to ineffective team dynamics by fostering an environment of trust, connection, and psychological safety. Our Methodology instills communication skills that reduce competition and promote acceptance and belonging.
A whole-human approach to well-being
Body and mind, working together
Stress affects the way you think, feel, and relate to yourself and others. Our Methodology supports people in choosing healthier thoughts, emotions, and habits on a daily basis.

The result is a workforce with a strong sense of community consisting of healthy, engaged employees, empowered to serve at the highest level.
Create powerful change with our proven formula for stress reduction.
Awareness plus action equals transformation.
Learn to spot the signals that let you know your stress is rising.
Reduce your stress in 3 simple steps.
Grow with our Methodology.
Let’s reset your company’s stress.