Why Stress Regulation At The Team Level Is Important

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Why Stress Regulation at the Team Level is Important

If I asked you to rate your stress levels on a scale from 1 to 10 – 1 being overwhelmingly stressed, 10 being incredibly relaxed – where would you rate yourself?

Really tap into your nervous system when you’re contemplating this question… How are you feeling? Are you holding tension anywhere? Are you in fight or flight?

It might depend on the day that I’m asking. Or if you’ve got a major deadline approaching. Your stress levels can fluctuate throughout the day – reactive to the world around you. 

Hopefully, you have feel-good habits in place that can help you regulate your nervous system. A sustainable system for stress relief. 

What about if I asked you to give me a stress level number for the team you work on? Not a number for each individual team member… but a number for the collective group

Just like you as an individual, your team has a nervous system that reacts and responds to your work environment. 

Your team can experience things – a collective excitement about an upcoming project, a mutual anxiety about a looming deadline. Your team can also have feel-good habits that help regulate stress levels and the wellbeing of everyone on board.

Now what if we zoom all the way out to the company level – could you give the entire company a rating on the stress scale? 

Is the company meeting its goals? Does it feel successful? What’s the turnover rate like? Are employees feeling nurtured? Cared for?

This is what “company culture” ultimately boils down to – if the company is tuned into its own nervous system.

These 3 tiers – individual, team, company – co-influence one another. The individual impacts their team, the team impacts the greater company. 

But each nervous system is not built the same

A company’s culture is very difficult to change – it is deeply embedded into the systems and processes that every single person working for it is supposed to uphold. 

A team’s nervous system is a bit less challenging to change. We here at Stress Reset work with teams who are committed to reducing stress and prioritizing the wellbeing of every team member.

Your nervous system is the easiest to regulate. You and you alone have the power to choose which state of being you want to be in – even if your team is tense, or your company is chaotic.

At Stress Reset, we can help you develop the awareness (and feel-good habits!) to manage stress and stay regulated in challenging times. And any change you make will start to ripple through your team and company – we’ve seen it time and time again! You can enact change and make a difference.